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About Alma Logistics

When you think of a storage and handling company for fruit and vegetables, the first company that comes to mind is: Alma Logistics.        

Products from around the world arrive in our warehouse in Barendrecht every day. The fruit and vegetables are unloaded at Alma Logistics and they undergo strict quality control. Sometimes the products remain in temporary storage. More often, the products are loaded directly onto our trucks and transported to our customers all over the world. 

Alma Logistics was founded in 2002 and our company revolves around one thing: providing the best possible service to our customers. 

We believe that to make that promise, having the following standards delivers a point of difference for our customers:

We guarantee optimal service and we go that extra mile. We offer many of our customers a bespoke logistics solution. We strive for perfection and therefore we work with experienced and certified forklift drivers. Besides that we are very flexible. At Alma Logistics we do not have a nine to five mentality.